Can you change your body with a 30 minute workout?

Question: Do you have 30 extra minutes in your day?

  • If so, you can use that time to change your body with Curves of Columbus, GA!
  • If not, really think hard about that (can you give up some time on social media? Or Watch 30 less minutes of Netflix?). You can find the time!

Tell me more…..

Curves is a women’s fitness studio that offers guided 30-minute total body workouts that would take 1.5 hours at other fitness centers!

That can’t be true – how can they do that in 30 minutes???

It is true! In your 30-minute circuit workout, each machine works your front, back, and multiple muscle groups all at the same time. So in half an hour, you get a complete body workout.

In addition to to a full body workout, your circuit also includes all components of a traditional workout:

      • Warm Up
      • Cardio
      • Strength
      • Cool Down
      • Stretching

How do I know if Curves is right for me?

No matter your age, fitness level, or ability, Curves is a great fitness choice for all women!

Curves is a female focused & supportive environment where you can gain strength, balance and flexibility with the guidance of your coach.

Women of all ages can especially benefit from strength training, which can increase your bone strength and reduce your risk of injury from a fall. Strength training can even reduce your risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a fun and comfortable way to achieve weight loss and improve your health, call or stop by Curves of Columbus today.

You are worth it girl!

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  • Phone: 706-653-2242
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    6:30am – 12:00pm | 3:30pm – 6:00pm
    6:30am – 12:00pm | 3:30pm – 6:00pm
    6:30am – 12:00pm | 3:30pm – 6:00pm
    6:30am – 12:00pm | 3:30pm – 6:00pm
    6:30am – 12:00pm