Ginuwine’s 22-Year Love Affair With Georgia and Alabama- The Love and Hip-Hop Tour

Ginuwine came to South Georgia on July 4th, and we had the opportunity to speak with him ahead of the visit.

The R&B singer, known best for his 1996 hit “Pony,” will be coming to Lanett and Montgomery, AL as a part of his Love and Hip Hop Tour. The 69 Boyz will also be a part of the tour, singing some of their classics like “Tootsee Roll,” among others.

Ginuwine has been busy, going on numerous tours and extending his reach into television.

“Right now man, I just been on a lot of tours, and enjoying the fruits of my labor as far as me being known and wanted in different countries and all that kind of stuff,” Ginuwine told us. “I’ve been writing a lot of scripts and sitcoms and animated series and all that kind of stuff.

Ginuwine said his 22-year love affair with Alabama is one of the main reasons he is coming back to the Yellowhammer state.

“Like I been out there 22 years and it’s always been love from everyone,” Ginuwine said. “I’m just coming to give that love right back, man.”

And he said he doesn’t want any funny business when he and his crew come into town.

“We don’t want no fighting, we don’t want no craziness – all we want do is just have fun and usually that’s what happens when I’m in town,” he said. “Ladies come out, we enjoy one another’s company, and you know… it’s just fun times – it reminds me of a good old family reunion cookout or something like that.”

“No drama” were the words he used to describe the upcoming visit.

Ginuwine said that the name of the tour is an homage to the R&B ad hip-hop explosion that occurred throughout the 1990s. Specifically, he said the name was crafted to pay tribute to the “people that supported” him during that era.

“They always say there’s nothing like 90s R&B, so we going to try and keep that legacy rolling and hopefully everybody comes out and shows their support for that,” he continued.

In addition to all the stellar music, there will be contests run throughout the event. These are named after the musicians’ songs – in particular “In Them Jeans” and “Tootsee Roll” – and interested participants will be able to win prizes.

“We just kind of trying to figure out what’s the prize for the contest[s], but it will be something great and everyone will love it and be appreciative of it,” Ginuwine revealed. “And you know the Tootsee Roll is a dance and what better way to celebrate that than to come out there and sing the song and have the ladies do what they do in those jeans.”

In classic Ginuwine fashion, the singer told us “I always loved a woman in tight jeans so we’re going to have a contest and you know were going to see who the best one ‘In Them Jeans.’”

He said he is looking forward to revisiting the women, soul food, and love of Central Alabama.

“I just want to tell Central Alabama I love you all, I appreciate you all for supporting us for 22 years.”

You can follow Ginuwine on social media by searching for @Ginuwine; on Snapchat, his handle is ItsPlayTime.