Take a Quick Trip to the only Brewery in the Country Owned by an Active Duty Female

Of the 7,000 Breweries in America, there’s only one owned by an Active Duty female.

Located just under an hour away from Columbus in West Point, GA, Chattabrewchee Southern Brewhouse wouldn’t normally seem like anything out of the ordinary… except for one thing, that makes it unique among approximately 7,000 active breweries in America. It’s owned by an active duty member of the armed forces.

Owned by Active Duty JAG Officer Kathy and Veteran Michael Denehy, Chattahoochee Southern Brewhouse is fully self-financed and offers five beers on tap outside the brewery, and around twenty you can try inside their location, at their “beer ATM.” You can try each of their flavors for around $.40/oz, getting a taste for everything they offer before deciding what you want to drink.

All of their brewing gear is in the open, and their staff is more than willing to explain the entire brewing process to you, so there’s no need to pay for a tour.

Whether you’re coming from Atlanta, Auburn, Columbus, or even further away, there’s even a small but vibrant downtown area in West Point where you can grab lunch.