Upscale South Beach-style Club, Bar, and Lounge now open in Uptown

Uptown Columbus is about to get something new and vibrant – a Miami-style lounge vibrant lounge that will join the nightlife scene Uptown. Management says the food, though, and the national entertainment acts, will be what sets it apart from the other options available.

Ayden, named for the owner James Ayden, will open in a 7,000 sq foot space that’s been eight months in the making. Ayden plans to make creole, jamaican, haitian, latino-style, and seafood on the menu. As far as music goes, the lounge is two stories and will include blues, jazz, r&b, and oldies for most of the week, but anything goes on the weekends. Ayden plans to book a live band every Sunday.

Monday night football will be screened on more than a dozen screens in the lounge, with drink specials from $2.75 beers, $2 Hennessey, and $5 top-shelf cocktails.

Ayden will sometimes enforce a 25-and-over rule and will always enforce a dress code, with no white t-shirts, hats, or sneakers allowed. \

The opening of the lounge has created forty new jobs for the Chattahoochee Valley.