AMA ChalkFest: Homegrown coming Sept 22th

Chalkfest Homegrown is an art festival where the medium is the chalk and the sidewalk. Sounds simple, huh? Not so fast. These masterpieces redefine what it means to draw on the playground with a bucket of the school supply store’s finest.

Also making an appearance at Chalkfest will be Pretoria Fields, allowing patrons to taste their latest and greatest brews, vendors with their greatest wares, and children and family of all ages…

You don’t have to be a pro to take to the streets with your ‘chalk, amateurs artists (including kids) are welcome as well in an area just for them.

General Admission WITH Beer: $20 in Advance, $25 at the Gate

General Admission WITHOUT Beer: $5 in Advance, $10 at the Gate

Premium Ticket Admission: $65 in Advance, $75 at the Gate

Kids under 12 get in free!

Photos from AMA: Chalkfest 2017