Columbus is getting a Cat Cafe’!!

Columbus is getting a cat cafe’ and we are feline blessed.

Alley Cat Cafe‘ announced via Facebook that construction has begun on it’s new location in the Landings shopping center.

Once open, paw-trons will be able to socialize with friends and have a cup of coffee in the cafe’ area, then play with local adoptable cats in the separate cat room.

An opening date has not been announced.

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Cool….but what the heck is a Cat Cafe’?

On their website, Alley Cat describes a cat cafe as:

“Cafe’s like Alley Cat allow visitors to socialize in the café area and then move to a separate room where they can play with the cats. Most cafes, such as Alley cat, partner with local shelters in an effort to help cut down on the stray cat population while allowing those who fall in love with their new friend a chance to adopt and take them home.”

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