FALSE! 4 Myths About The Columbus Symphony Orchestra That Are Very Wrong

This ain't your grandparent's symphony. Learn how the modern symphony mixes classic with contemporary for an unbelievable musical experience.

You may think you know what the symphony is, but do you really?

Here are 4 Common Myths about the symphony, and why they are WRONG!

1) I have to dress up to attend a concert

Not true!

There is no dress code for attending and guests are encouraged to dress how they feel most comfortable. Wear your best tiara if you like, or wear khakis and a t-shirt!

Shirts and shoes are required, but otherwise, come however you are most comfortable.

P.S. РLearn more about how to dress HERE.


2) The music is boring and I won't know any of it

The symphony performs a wide array of music, from Beethoven to the Beatles and even the Star Wars soundtrack.

When you attend you may be surprised at how much music you know and…..(gasp) like!

Check out upcoming concerts to find music you enjoy.

3) I won't know anyone or how to act (should I clap?)

To clap or not to clap??¬† Don’t let this fear keep you from attending a performance.

Generally, most applause is held until the end of the piece, but if the music moves you to clap or cheer or cry, then let it out! It is a compliment and the orchestra would not mind the appreciation at all.

For those who want a bit more information before the concert, Maestro George Del Gobbo hosts a FREE informal talk before Masterworks and Legacy Series Saturday Concerts. There he can answer all your questions and more.

You can also attend Symphony U, a casual series of lectures, performances, and hands-on workshops to help you gain behind the scenes knowledge of the orchestra. Offered in the spring, the series is led by Maestro George Del Gobbo and no homework is required.

4) I can't afford to attend a concert!

With single tickets beginning at just $20, the symphony is surprisingly affordable!

Students can also score savings with tickets for only $10…..less than a ticket to most movies.

Get your tickets online or on the mobile app.