Help the Columbus River Dragons name their mascots

Help name the Columbus River Dragons' Mascot

Columbus’s new hockey team, The River Dragons, need help naming their mascots!

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The team asked the public for name suggestions for the currently nameless dragons, and narrowed down the entries to the following 9 choices.

  • Columbo & Phenix
  • Chatta & Hooch
  • Benning & Peaches
  • Snipe & Celly
  • Smokey & Blaze
  • Pepper & Cayenne
  • Torch & Scorch
  • Biscuit & Beauty
  • Draggin’ & Snipin’

This ‘semi-final’ round of voting ends on Thursday 8/8/19 at 5 PM EST. You can vote HERE.

There will be one more round of voting following this to decide the final names.

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